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Friday 18 January 2013

Whatever Happened to ....

Whatever happened to Beth Rowley?

Little Dreamer came out in 2007 and as I recall she was touted as the Next Big Thing - all over Radio 2 and probably on Jools Holland.

One problem may be how to categorize it. It is probably in that peculiar jazz/pop sector with the likes of Melody Gardot and Rem Harvieu

I catalogue using genres (sad I know) and I've plumped for soul as I don't do jazz.

I got this recently in Ullapool. It's a pretty good album - mostly covers

Here is her version of Almost Persuaded. It's not in Ella's league but then again nobody is.

Beth Rowley - Almost Persuaded


  1. does that mean that Compilation albums go to the most relevant genre? Or is there a separate category for Compilations? Your audience awaits..well, 50% of the household do......

  2. Dictated by space at the moment I'm afraid
    Have seperate storeage areas for soul and american comps.
    Everything else is bunged in wherever there is space.
    it's either new house or more storage units time!