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Saturday 26 January 2013

Pills and Thrills and Nashville Radio

The narrator of the Joe Strummer Radio Show is Jon Langford,  fellow ex-Newport resident and another one of my all -time heros.

An ex- Mekon Jon left Leeds many moons ago for Chicago where he became a key player at Bloodshot Records my all -time favourite record label.
I can feel a regular Bloodshot feature coming on (although their discs unfortunately do not feature in Scottish charity shops!).

He has featured on a shed load of records as a solo artist, with fellow ex-Mekon Sally Timms and the Sadies.

He is head honcho for the Pine Valley Cosmonauts who did the magnificent Executioner's Last Songs anti death penalty serious and a splendid CD of Barn Dance Favourites.

He is a terrific artist  -check out his work  on line or get Nashville Radio- Art, Words and Music
One of the things on my wishlist is to purchase some of his original artwork should funds ever allow.

He is also the main man with the Waco Brothers who are a tremendous live act. I suspect that they may not be the most technically gifted  outfit but what they lack in technique they make up for in terms of enthusiasm and energy.
Here they are covering Neil Young's Crazy Horse, another band that I suspect come under this category:

Waco Brothers - Revolution Blues


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