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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Tattoo You

Has Wanda Jackson finally relinquished her Queen of Rockabilly crown to the young Irish pretender?

My brother, who is a big rockabilly fan, gave me a copy of Love Tattoo when it first came out and I subsequently bought the follow up Mayhem. Two absolute stonkers.

On Monday in Cancer Research in a rainy windy Oban I stumbled across a copy of Love Tattoo and thought (and more than likely said out loud) I'll have that!

Here is the title track which puts me in mind of the Detroit Cobras - which is no bad thing:

Imelda May - Love Tattoo


  1. Ever thought of doing a Rockabilly series? Something like "Thursday Night is Rockabilly Night"?

  2. Saw her a few times in Glasgow, great live. The album before Love Tattoo, No Turning Back is even better.

  3. She's good isn't she. Somewhere there's a great version of her doing Johnny Burnette's The Train Kept Rolling, for the BBC possibly.

    Good idea about the rockabilly series as well.

  4. Wasn't aware of No Turning Back -will check it out -cheers Drew

    Not sure about a Rockabilly series as a) I probably don't have sufficient material and b) I couldn't match Swiss Adam's high standards.
    Still contemplating a Bloodshot Monday but as all my Bloodshot CDs are purchased it is somewhat contrary to the ethos of this blog.
    But I could be pursuaded