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Monday 28 January 2013

Oh Lucinda

Somehow when the Only Ones penned  the song of the same name I suspect it was not about Ms Williams who apparently turned 60 at the weekend

Never the most prolific artiste she has probably only about a dozen albums to her name.

Prior to her American career kicking off in the early 80's she had two bluesy albums on Smithsonian Folkways re-released when she finally got the recognition she deserved.

Happy Woman Blues was first released in 1980 with all the tracks written by her.
He first album however was Ramblin' released in 1978 and was a series of covers of Blues standards.

For a while this was the only Lucinda album I didn't have and I finally tracked in down in the Oxfam Music Shop in Byres Road, Glasgow (which I suppose constitutes a Charity shop of sorts).

Here is her cover of the Memphis Minnie classic;


  1. Charity Chic appears to be big in Kazakstan at the moment!

  2. Is a certain central-heating/air-conditioning installer from Aberdeen there?