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Monday 20 September 2021

All That Is Now


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 57 -All That Is Now - Uncut Compilation

He's back! Albeit briefly

The Music Room now has additional insulation and a new carpet and everything is now back in place. I'm pretty chuffed and can now begin to relax again.

In the middle of moving everything out and the work being completed we visited Crail in the East Neuk of Fife for a few days. I hit the charity shops of St Andrews. I've said it before but for a University town there are always lean pickings maybe because students nowadays are all streaming.

One I did pick up was All That is Now an Uncut compilation from November 2013 as the track list looked pretty tasty. Of course when I got back home I discovered that I already had it. It has featured here before as part of my Saturday Lucky Dip series but there are enough good songs to merit another post.

Jonathan Wilson - Moses Pain

Deer Tick - The Dream's in the Ditch

Songdog - St Lucy's Day


  1. No problems putting the desk back together?

  2. Looking good CC. I am having a new bathroom put in just now and it's chaos - This gives me hope that all will be back to normal again soon.

  3. Looks lovely! (Though how come there's no clutter on your desk!)

  4. Very nice and streamlined I must say but a house is not a home without clutter. My wife begs to differ so we compromise. I maintain the clutter........and she moans about it. It's worked for us for 30+ years!