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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Oh the Crystal Chandaliers

Oh the Crystal Chandaliers light up the paintings on your wall

Ah a great karaoke standard.
For those of you from the West of Scotland and of a nervous disposition don't panic it is not the Sidney Devine version.

No it is the great Charley Pride. Many years ago when I was working in Ullapool Charley Pride's brother Eddie (he plays all Charley's songs) played in one of the hotels one evening.
Unfortunately I was working and was unable to see him but I am content in the knowledge that he almost certainly played this.

Charley Pride - Crystal Chandaliers


  1. Tremendous song.
    Are the marble statuettes standing stately in your hall?
    will the timely crowd that has you laughing loud help you dry your tears,
    When the new wears off from your crystal chandeliers?

    Great great song.

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