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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Coral Coral Coral

Charity shops have proved to be a happy hunting ground for the uplifting pop music of The Coral

To date I've purchased The Coral, Magic and Medicine and the mini album Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker.
The first two are very good but  I haven't really had a chance to give the mini album a good listen so think I'll pop it on  and check it out now

The Coral - Liezah


  1. The Coral do seem to be repeat offenders in the charity shop.

  2. ...back to work today. Joy. Thanks for the mention. And to Drew and Swiss Adam for the messages. The Coral, they can put out some very good pop songs. Not a patch on Carl and Pearl Butler though.

  3. The Coral do not feature in Charity Shops as often as their close alphabetical neighbours The Corrs!

  4. It was the only Carl and Pearl song that I could come up with which was not about divorce, audultery or murder or more commonly a combination of all three!