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Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Second Winter of Love

Like many folk I purchased Forever Changes by Love primarily because it featured regularly in lists of the Best Albums of all time - and jolly good it is too.
I recently got Da Capo out the library and last Saturday I happened across Love in my local charity shop, this tripling my Love collection in a couple of weeks.

Electra as doing CDs with both the mono and stereo versions of all the songs.

The second winter of Love indeed!

Love - Can't Explain
Danny Wilson - Second Summer of Love


  1. ...and what was that Charity Shop? By the way, just seen Slade on advert....we saw Dave Hill in our local Waitrose....does that beat your Justin Currie?

  2. Justin Currie.
    Been there done that.
    Saw Farmer Jason in Wolverhampton once.