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Friday, 14 December 2012

Divided by a Common Language

My good friend Dod alerted me to " Divided by a Common Language" -A collection of UK Americana on
Clubhouse Records

Absolutely splendid - 15 top notch songs I would thoroughly recommend purchasing this.

The only band I had any stuff from before was the Redline Palimino Company  namely By The Time You Hear This ....

Imagine my delight, therefore, when I happened across another one of their records Don't Fade in a Community Shop in Dingwall.
It was in a pile of CDs which had featured on the local Community Radia show.
When I asked whether it was on sale I was told to just take it. But being a nice chappie I felt obliged to leave a small donation.

Redland Palimino Company -Settle Down


  1. You are indeed right this is a splendid record. That Dod has got tremendous taste in music.

  2. Good blog. George sent me here. I nearly started a blog along this line.

  3. I hear that that Dod was a bit suspect.
    A Guardian reading vegan metrosexual .