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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Shiny Shiny Shiny Boots of Leather

Sticking with the Boots theme here is a cover by Trish Murphy from her Rubies on the Lawn album of the Lee Hazlewood song made famous by Nancy Sinatra:

Trish Murphy -These Boots Are Made For Walking

And by way of a wee bonus here is Ms Sinatra herself:

Nancy Sinatra -Sugar Town


  1. I like this idea of a theme, or a link from track to track...will the next one refer to an item of clothing? Or items made of leather? (saddles, trousers, sofas)? Like the Willie Mason track! Did you catch that Slade programme (still on i-Player)?

  2. I have a Jim Reeves album where he is sporting a fantastic pair of cowboy boots - it could well be next!
    Will be checking out more Willy Mason

  3. Get a Facebook account you saddoes.