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Monday, 18 June 2018

A Wonder-ful Start to the Week

These Songs from the Key of Life were originally scheduled to feature yesterday but were overtaken by events.
So instead of relaxing on a Sunday with the dulcet tones of Stevie Wonder you get nearly 10 minutes of brilliance from the great man to ease you into the working week.

Isn't he lovely? Isn't he wonderful?

Stevie Wonder - Have a Talk With God

Stevie Wonder - Ordinary Pain

Sunday, 17 June 2018

From Across The Kitchen Table

I woke up on Saturday morning to two really sad bits of news.
Firstly there had been another major fire at the Glasgow School of Art, the second in four years. It looks this time like the iconic Mackintosh designed building will not survive which is devastating news.

Secondly as I started my daily blog round up I read that Drew from the equally iconic Across the Kitchen Table was hanging up his blogging boots.
Again devastating news but after nearly 10 years it is understandable that he has lost his mojo and enthusiasm for something that can take up much of your precious free time.
When I started I turned to Drew, Swiss Adam and Ernie Goggins for inspiration and advise.

I will miss Drew's excellent soul and garage selections and of course his brilliant rants. I will also miss him introducing me to countless new bands.
Here are two who would not be on my shelves but for Drew.

I also had the pleasure of meeting him at the now legendary Glasgow Bloggers Convention. Hopefully not the only time that our paths will cross.

Cheers pal.

Kid Wave -Wanderlust

Slowclub - SufferingYou, Suffering Me

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Into the Mystic

I'm following up on my theme from last Saturday by pondering about artists and albums I would probably invest in if money was no object.
Again I am revisiting and reassessing a previously featured compilation in this case Into the Mystic an Uncut CD from May 2015.

First time round I picked out Waxahatchee, This is the Kit and Torres as the pick of the bunch.
In this instance I actually put my money where my mouth  for two out the three subsequently purchasing Ivy Tripp by Waxahatchee and Bashed Out by This is the Kit.
This leaves Mackenzie Scott who records as Torres as the odd one out. New Skin is from her 2015 album Sprinter the second of three that she has released and it is also probably worth pursuing.

I have about half a dozen Calexico albums but most are burns. Indeed the only one I have actually purchased is Feast of Wire. They have slipped of my radar somewhat but on the strength of this song from 2015's Edge of the Sun they still continue to produce the goods

Torres - New Skin

Calexico - Falling From the Sky

Friday, 15 June 2018

Jon Langford and his Sadies

You were supposed to be getting a couple of tracks by The Sadies from their album Favourite Colours today but for some reason the burning software didn't seem to like it.
Time for plan B then. Don't worry you are still getting The Sadies but by way of compensation for the inconvenience I am throwing Jon Langford in as well
From 2002 on the ever wonderful Bloodshot label Mayors of the Moon sees yet another Langford collaboration.
Newport meets Toronto via Chicago in a fine example of multinational collaboration.

Jon Langford & his Sadies -Looking Good For Radio

Jon Langford &his Sadies -What Makes Johnny Run?

Wilco - Via Chicago

Thursday, 14 June 2018

World Cup Woes

I believe that the World Cup kicks off in Russia today. It's amazing what money can buy.

I'm old enough to remember when Scotland actually qualified for the finals. Indeed I took in their 3 games at Italia 90 and the Scotland v Brazil opener in Paris in 1998.

Needless to say we are not one of the 32 teams featured this time round.
I organised the work sweep stake and drew Panama so you will forgive me if I support them against England.

I've not got that many songs about football and thankfully no World Cup songs so I 'm going to concentrate on the domestic game with songs about teams from another three countries who never made the finals - Hungary, Zimbabwe and the Czech Republic.

Go Panama!

Half Man Half Biscuit - I Was a Teenage Armchair Honved Fan

Real Sounds of Africa - Dynamos vs Tornados

Half Man Half Biscuit -All I Want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Oh! Mama, Mama Look There

I had an urge to feature The Only Band That Matters  (™) today and we all know that such urges should not be resisted.
Further more it had to be something from Sandinista an album I'll hold my hands up and admit that I haven't played for far too long.
36 tracks to choose from. I've got the double CD as opposed to the triple CD so have gone for track 5, CD 2 (side 4 , track 5) and CD 1, track 2 (side 1, track 2)

No expense accounts or lunch discounts.

The Clash - Washington Bullets

The Clash - Hitsville U.K

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Dancing Queens

Two birds with one stone today.
There was no ABBA on the shelves until a few weeks ago when Mrs CC came in with an album of their Number Ones which was a charity shop acquisition.Splendid Scandanavian pop musuc.

Then more recently in a comment on a post Rol mentioned that he had discovered some new artists to him while listening to Radio Scotland. One was Paisley singer/songwriter Jill Jackson erstwhile lead singer of the band Speedway.
Rol mentioned that he had purchased her new album and was really enjoying it. She was an artist I used to see live quite often usually supporting bands at places like King Tuts.I always enjoyed her shows and  obtained her 2010 album Back to Zero which as it's last track has a slowed down version of Dancing Queen on it.
So that's today's post sorted.

ABBA - Dancing Queen

Jill Jackson - Dancing Queen

Jill Jackson - Heart of Mine