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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Blonde on Blonde Revisited

I picked up Blonde on Blonde Revisited in the Blythswood Care (a Christian charity prevalent in the Highlands) shop in Broadford on Skye.
Broadford is Skye's second largest settlement after Portree and boast a large Co-op whose car park possibly has the best view of any Co-op  car park.

Released by Mojo in July 2016 it is a track by track tribute commemorating the 50th anniversary of  the Bob Dylan original album. Yup that's right - half a century!.

It would have been good to have had this when I did my Dylan Covered series but realistically none of the covers come close to the originals. I suppose that you can't improve upon perfection.
These are two of the better ones in my humble opinion

Phosphorescent - I Want You

Marissa Nadler -Absolutely Sweet Marie

Friday, 19 October 2018

Lights Back On

Seeing as how it is Friday are you in the mood for something a wee bit different?
Thought so. Well hows about a Scottish folk legend covering Beck and Rufus Thomas?

Rab Noakes is well known on the Scottish music scene.He has been performing as a singer/songwriter since 1970 and is now a producer and his Neon Productions  produce a number of programmes for BBC Radio Scotland.
He has been a member of Lindisfarne and Stealers Wheel briefly and before they hit the big time.

On this album , which I got for £1.50 in a Nairn Charity shop still sealed,  he is joined by Fraser Speirs on harmonica.
I wasn't sure at first, but having played it a couple of times I think it could be a grower.
There are a few of his own songs but Bob Dylan and Sam Cooke among others also get the treatment.

Rab Noakes (with Fraser Speirs) - Devil's Haircut

Rab Noakes (with Fraser Speirs) - Walking The Dog

Thursday, 18 October 2018

A Junk Bond King Playing Seminole Bingo

I picked up Mutineer the 9th studio album by Warren Zevon in Portee on Skye. It is the 4th of his I have (5th if you include a Best of) and probably the weakest.
However the first track Seminole Bingo is excellent.The Seminole are a Native American tribe who like many others began to run small bingo games before moving on to casinos and in the case of The Seminole Tribe of Florida to purchasing the Hard Rock Cafe chain.
James McMurtry has a song in a similar vein called Choctaw Bingo and I have previously shared the Ray Wylie Hubbard cover version.

Back to Warren .The second song featured is I think quite good but the rest are pretty disappointing. There are some excellent titles though - The Indifference of Heaven, Poisonous Lookalike and my particular favourite Monkey Wash Donkey Rinse.

There was a subsequent return to form with My Ride's Here and The Wind

Warren Zevon - Seminole Bingo

Warren Zevon -Something Bad Happened to a Clown

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Crowns and Coronets #2

Queen's last week, kings this week.
Two new songs and an excuse to include yet another song from the excellent Sub Pop compilation which I featured last week.

Kyle Thomas  from Vermont in the US of A features as he records as King Tuff. Described as a garage rock and as a neo-psychedelia act this song is from his 2018 album The Other on Sub Pop.

If you were to look up neo- psychedelia in a dictionary  and if it was there (unlikely I grant you) the definition may well read King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard.From Melbourne, Australia they have been on the go since 2010 and have been extremely prolific with about a dozen records to their name.
This song Beginner's Luck is from their 2017 album Gumboot Soup and is also availalable on the ATO 2018 sampler available on Noisetrade which is where I got it from.

This series was not intended as a compare and contrast but it turned out that way last week and I enjoyed the interaction.
It's King Tuff for me this week.

King Tuff - Psycho Star

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Beginner's Luck

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Mrs LTL - Look Away Now!

Our good friend Brian over at Linear Tracking Lives! freely admits that he only plays Scritti Politti when Mrs LTL is away.
In previous conversations I have stated that there is no Scritti on the CCM shelves. This has changed after discovering a best of, Absolute, on the shelves of a Fort William charity shop. I will admit to thinking of both of you when I bought it!

I haven't got further than the first three or four tracks yet which include the two below which were their only top 10 entries in the UK charts - number 10 in 1984 and number 6 in 1985 respectively.

A band that epitonises the synth-pop genre. I shall restrict my comments at this stage to it is of it's time given that I have yet to listen to it in it's entirety.
Not quite sure which camp I'll end up in!

Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)

Scritti Politti - The Word Girl (Flesh & Blood)

Monday, 15 October 2018

Back to Me

I picked up Back to Me the 2005 second album by Canadian alternative country artist Kathleen  Edwards in Fort William. Earlier this year I picked up her fourth and as things stand last album Voyageur in Oban.
This leads me to conclude that they were handed in by the same person who lives somewhere in between these two Scottish north western towns. Who knows I may find her other two records there in due course.
They are obviously the places to look.

Pleasant, if not spectacular stuff. The first track featured was released as a single and the second appeared on the soundtrack of the film Elizabethtown.

She is currently on a sabbatical from music since 2014 with occasional rumblings of a re-appearance.

Kathleen Edwards - In State

Kathleen Edwards -Summerlong

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Parallel Lines at 40

Parallel Lines by Blondie turned 40 while we were on holiday. Coincidentally it was one of the records we took with us along with the portable turntable.

An iconic album with an iconic cover from an iconic band. By 2008 it had sold over 20 million copies. You can add on a few more since then.

Therefore an album I suspect that everyone reading this is familiar with. At the very least you will be familiar with the 6 of the 12 tracks which were hit singles.
Here are two of those which were never released as singles. An album I would argue that has stood the tests of time and still sounds good today.

Blondie -Fade Away and Radiate

Blondie - 11:59