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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Early UB40

UB40 were a great band up to,and I would argue including, 1983's Labour of Love.
Sure most of us grew to become heartily sick of that album and the subsequent inexorable full on rush towards commercialism with the associated reduction in quality and integrity.
However, along with the Clash, it did introduce me and countless others to many reggae bands  and artists we would probably have remained in ignorance off.
These two tracks are taken from the 1980 Singles Album whilst they were still recording for Graduate Records, 196 Wolverhampton Road, Dudley, West Midlands.
Who would have thought then that the same band would later come up with such dross as Rat in the Kitchen and allow their 2008 album TwentyFourSeven to be given away free with The Mail on Sunday (FFS!)

UB40 -Tyler

UB40 -The Earth Dies Screaming (12'' version)


  1. UB40 are in the same club as Rod Stewart - once so very very good, but overnight becoming a total irrelevance. 'Signing Off' remains their one absolute masterpiece.

  2. I find it difficult to get with UB40, mainly cos their later stuff is so awful
    Swiss Adam

  3. Great album CC, easily their finest moment. Tyler is one of my favourite songs of 1980. Labour Of Love had a couple of good tracks on it but after that nothing of note.

  4. Adam, you should give Siginf Off and Present Arms a try, they are both fine records. Good choice today CC

  5. Feel just the same. Early UB40 actually seemed edgy, different and quite radical, didn't they? I bought The Earth Dies Screaming 12" and it seemed to fit in so well. Great choice.
    But later UB40.... yeughhhh!

  6. I really liked that first big song they had, the one that went 'Ivory Madonna...' and I even bought 'One In Ten' but after that they seemed to turn into MOR reggae-lite. Also could never understand why Ali Campbell thought he needed to do a Gregory Isaacs impersonation. BTW, both dl links are titled 'Tyler'. Which is which?

    1. Oops -sorry about that now sorted Tyler - first song Earth Dies Screaming second
      We all seem to be pretty much in agreement - early UB40 = good, later UB40 = shite