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Friday, 20 June 2014

Trouble is a Lonesome Town

You won't find it on any map but take a step in any direction and your in Trouble
Following the phenomenal success on CCM of Trouble Town by Jake Bugg the theme tune to the BBC's Happy Valley series we go back to the original town called Trouble.
As far back as 1963 in fact and the masterpiece that is Trouble is a Lonesome Town by the late great Lee Hazlewood.
It is a story teller's album featuring a number of country cowboy ballads with a narrative preamble concerning the fictitious town of Trouble - "nothing with a railroad running through it"  and is loosely based on his birthplace
It is like a spoken and singing version of a William Faulkner novel or a Coen Brothers film just dripping with atmosphere.

Re-released in 2013 by Light in the Attic records  with  extra tracks including his work with Duane Eddy and a six part narrative related by the man himself - well worth checking out

Lee Hazlewood - Trouble is a Lonesome Town

Lee Hazlewood -We All Make the Flowers Grow

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