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Monday, 30 June 2014

There's A Train a Coming

I've recently contributed a train themed mix to the ever excellent Cooking up a Quiet Storm
You can listen to it here
Here are two tracks (bit of a pun there!) which did not make the final selection for whatever reason.
Down There by The Train a Tom Waits song but here performed by Johnny Cash on the masterpiece that is American Recordings.
From American Recordings to American Music with the mighty Alvin Brothers aka The Blasters with Jubilee Train.
Annoyingly I couldn't locate a copy of  Midnight Train to Georgia. I refuse believe that I do not have it somewhere so I'll keep looking!

Johnny Cash - Down There By The Train

The Blasters - Jubilee Train

A historic day for CCM - the 500th post!


  1. I was so very tempted to overstep my mark as 'curator' and also add Al Green's Back Up The Train -

    Vol 2 beckons.

    1. A new one on me but Al Green could only enhance any mix!

  2. maybe we'll get some decent music in the next 500?????

  3. Congrats on the 500 CC. Great mix as well, I need to think of a theme for another one to send to Mark. Disco, maybe ?

  4. Cheers Scott - more charitable than other commentators!
    A disco mix could be interesting!