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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tartan Texans - Vera Cruise

We are back to Glasgow this week and the featured band are Vera Cruise.
They are towards the Wilco/Centromatic end of the Americana spectrum
I don't know a whole lot about them other than they had a record out on Loose in 2002 Come Alone and Fall Apart
I've found a few lines on a Loose Sampler advising that the morning after signing them in Glasgow's salubrious Nice  & Sleazy bar the Loose honchos limped back home with a hangover the size of Texas.
They have also supported Mark Mulcahy and Teenage Fanclub.
They look the part -all beards, plaid shirts and the obligatory John Dere Tractor skip caps. Plus I think that their lead singer is indeed a bona fide American

Vera Cruise -Wasted Sounds

Vera Cruise - Rejecting Mobile Phones

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