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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 39

Apologies - what with the World Cup and family commitments I haven't been able to give SSS the usual commitment and in-depth research and thought that I usually do (ie 20 minutes on a popular search engine)
Rather I have selected two tracks from Raw Soul a Mojo compilation from March 2004 which was kicking around as I took last week's Mess Around by Ray Charles from it.
It is another excellent album to get free with a magazine.
As well as Ray Charles there are a number of other big hitters eg Solomon Burke, Bettye Swann, Wilson Pickett. Ike and Tina, Otis and the Isley Brothers.
However, I have gone for two of the lesser known artists about whom I know absolutely nothing about other  than the songs are fantastic.
Haven't been able to find out much about Felice Taylor other than she is from Richmond California and that she used to perform with her sisters as a trio The Sweets.
Albert Washington from Rome in Georgia (as opposed to Italy) comes from a gospel background and performs a pleasant mixture of Blues and soul.

Felice Taylor - I Can Feel Love

Albert Washington - Hold on Baby

This briefly appeared yesterday so some of you got a sneak preview!

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