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Friday, 30 May 2014


With 6 tracks and weighing in at 26 minutes and 17 seconds the jury is out as to whether 1982's Mesopotamia by The B-52's constitutes an EP or an LP.
At the end of the day I don't suppose it really matters particularly when you pick up a copy in a curiosity shop for the grand total of a pound.
I used to have this on tape and I don't think it is as good as I remember
It is not anywhere near their previous two albums 1979's The B-52's and 1980's Wild Planet.
I'm not really familiar with Whammy from 1983 and Bouncing of the Satellites from 1986.
The general view appears to be that there was a dip in form after their first two and then a bit of a revival with Cosmic Thing in 1989 and Good Stuff in 1992.
Produced by David Byrne apparently  which I was unaware of until now.

The B-52's -Mesopotamia

The B-52's - Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can


  1. Mesopotamia definitely took some listening to for me. Not sure if it was Byrne leading them down his particular garden path or just their decision to change things up a bit, but after a while I found that it is actually more in line with what I like than Cosmic Thing which was just a bit too commercial for me I suppose.

  2. I heard thsi 30 years ago and was unconvinced. A bit like yourself. I like the title track and that twiddly-effect thing.